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In order to play you must be 18 years or older and you need a valid credit card, either Visa or Mastercard. Our games require no download; therefore, no extra software is necessary to play.

Our system is compatible with all browsers, including AOL and Web TV. We have ALL the hottest HTML and JAVA games on the net, as well as the best graphics in our download version, including Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Baccarrat, Video poker and Jackpot Slots. We also have the New Sizzling Multiplayer Games, where you can play, challenge and chat with your friends. That’s more than 28+ games.

CLICK HERE TO OPEN AN ACCOUNT Security and Cost Playing our Games Find out more about our site Viva-Casino uses high security encryption software for the processing of all credit card transactions. The site is 100% confidential and trustworthy, and features one of the safest and most reliable on-line payment solutions found on the Web. There is no additional cost other than the cost of the casino chips themselves. There is only a US$20.00 minimum purchase requirement. The maximum purchase allowed is US$1,000.00. There are no membership fees or dues, and no purchase is necessary to participate in any of our sweepstakes.